How many of us start out the year with the best intentions around our business & personal goals, only to lose focus by February?

This workshop gives you an easy-to-follow plan that will bring balance and focus to your life, not just your business.

Let’s take the ‘busy’ out of your business and step into your role as a #bossbabe!

We are SO happy you have joined us on this exciting & BRAND NEW journey! Let’s get fired up and get to work – it’s going to be 5 days of awesome.

In this workshop you will…

  • Start your day with a super fun and impactful video!
  • Explore your physical & emotional environment to find out what is holding you back from achieving the goals you have been after for months, or even years.
  • Decide what changes you need to make to get out of the ‘busy’ cycle and into the focus you need to create the business you want.
  • Learn about keystone habits and how making ONE shift can improve everything else around you and grow your business.
  • Do the work you need to do before you even start thinking about your business goals for 2018.