Syllabus for Maternal Support Practitioner Certification – Winter 2014




Class 1 What is support and why are we here?
Class 2 Fertility
Class 3 Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy
Class 4 Test, Screens, Procedures & Fetal Positioning
Class 5 Comfort Measures
Class 6 Fitness & the Pelvic Floor
Class 7 Special Circumstances
Class 8 Special Circumstances, Placenta and Postpartum Mood Disorders
Class 9 3rd Stage Labour, Breastfeeding Basic
Class 10 Multiples and Newborn Care
Class 11 Attachment Theory, Newborn Sleep and Nutrition
Class 12 Baby Wearing, Self Care, Birth Bag, Certification Requirements
Bonus Marketing Class Marketing
Required Reading List
Guidelines and References
Important Documents