About Us

bianca_natasha - Version 2

Like many new doulas…

…we both began our doula business story as solo-preneurs after a weekend training, knowing very little about business and how to get our first client.

With a bit of grit and a lot of lessons learned we build successful, independent doula businesses. We became each others biggest ‘competition’ until one ‘fairly awkward’ car ride, we joined forces.

Together we created bebo mia inc. a doula agency that acquired over 6 figures in it’s first year. We were even able to live out our dream to purchase Canada’s first Pre/Postnatal Fitness company.

Our journey was not without struggle, of course…who’s is? Our new fitness company was not exactly what we bargained for and before we knew it we were putting all our time, energy, and money into ‘making it work’. We struggled, we ran in the hamster wheel, we cried, and we nearly gave up, very nearly!

How did we get out of that funk? We went back to our business basics. We reviewed our our vision, our values, our mission and right away we realized we had lost our ‘why‘ in the busyness and overwhelm of financial strain.

We now know the importance of laying a solid foundation for your business, one based on your true values and the difference you want to make in your life, your family, your community.

Our mission always has been, and always will be, to connect women to their value and power and we know this program is 100% designed to do just that!

– Bianca & Natasha