Day 4: Blinders

Welcome to Day 4 of Your #bliss in Business Retreat

A mini-course rooted in mindfulness practices that will connect you to your power & intuition to take you from feeling stuck and disorganized to achieving ALL of your goals!

By now you’ve watched and participated in Day 1, Day 2 annndddd Day 3! First, we decided, then we flipped it, and then created a keystone habit and NOW we’re going to put those blinders on!

What does putting the blinders on mean, you ask?!

It means sticking to the plan and that’s why we are going to talk about the foundation of following through.

The majority of people are not hitting their success markers and this is why…

You will find things & people that will come up and distract you from your Keystone…

How are you going to keep the blinders on and keep your eye on the prize?

Watch and find out!


Lobster Video


Blinders Workbook : BlissinBusiness Class4 Blinders