Day 3: Keystone

Welcome to Day 3 of the #bliss in Business Retreat

A mini-course rooted in mindfulness practices that will connect you to your power & intuition to take you from feeling stuck and disorganized to achieving ALL of your goals!

By now you’ve watched and participated in Day 1 and Day 2. First, we decided, then we flipped it, and now we are creating a keystone habit.

We want to you commit to creating a NEW habit for the next 30 days that is aligned with your ‘flip it’ statement and future self. What is your new keystone habit?

We recognize that everything we are discussing is a lot of emotional work. Some of these tasks are easier said than done. Give yourself some credit for getting to this place, deciding to make a change, and keep your momentum moving forward! For now, we are starting with one small and impactful habit.



Keystone Workbook : BlissinBusiness Class3 Keystone